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Achilles bandaging Patroklos
Fifth century Greek ceramic. Location data forthcoming.

Men with their boyfriends
540 BCE, from Vulci, Italy.

Zephyros and Hyakinthos
480a. enne Kristust

Zeus courting Ganymede
Zeus, having dropped his scepter and thunderbolt, grabs Ganymede, who is reaching for the falling scepter. They gaze deeply in each other's eyes, foreshadowing their fated love affair. In his left hand, Ganymede holds a traditional love gift from the god, a cock, shown crowing triumphantly.
Red-figure kylix (drinking cup), about 450 BCE, by the Penthesileia painter.

Men at an orgy shown coupling with both men and women.

Party scene
Reveler gropes young wine pourer

Saunas poistega

Man makes sexual advances to a youth

At the palestra
Man and youth about to make love.
Attic red-figure plate 530-430 BCE.

The kiss
Man and youth kissing.
Attic bowl, fifth century BCE. Louvre Museum, Paris.

Older man courts youth who resists advances.

Muscular youth is the object of several men's attention.
Attic black figure vase. Sixth century, from the Vatican collection, Rome.

An older man courts a muscular "boy" who puts up resistance, not very successfully. Two others dance gleefully. One of them carries a live fawn, presumably to be sacrificed at the coming feast.
5th century BCE amphora by the Painter of Cambridge.

Red-figure kylix by Peithinos (detail). Late sixth century BCE.

Bearded men in the typical posture of making advances, with one hand caressing the chin and the other the genitals. The young man is shown putting up token resistance.

A man attempts to seduce a youth by offering him a coin pouch.

A man attempts to buy sexual favors from a youth by offering him a pouch of coins.

The Cock
A man courts a youth with the gift of a fighting cock.

Harmodius and Aristogiton

Harmodius and Aristogiton

Zeus abducting Ganymede
Terracota, 470 BCE, found in fragments over the last hundred years at Olympia.
Marble and porphyry, Roman copy of a Greek original. The fighters hold a sword in each hand, only the hilts of which remain.
Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Napoli.

Poseidon accosting Pelops
The god's trident is shown penetrating the boy's hoop, in symbolic allusion of the sexual nature of their relationship.
Attic red-figure vase

Pan and Daphnis
2nd century CE. Marble statue of Pan teaching Daphnis to play the pipes.
Roman copy of a 2nd century BCE Greek original. Archeological Museum, Naples.

Pan and Daphnis
2nd century CE. Marble statue of Pan teaching Daphnis to play the pipes.
Roman copy of a 2nd century BCE Greek original. Archeological Museum, Naples.

Ficoroni cist
Bronze ritual vessel.
Detail of engraving on body of cist with scenes from the voyage of the Argo.
Praeneste, 4th century BCE. Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia, Rome.

Erotic Games
Black figure vase depicting erotic play between two youths.
Etruscan black figure vase, fourth century BCE

Man and youth in bed
Glass flask, 30 BCE – 30 CE, found in Estepa, Spain.

The Warren Cup
Man and youth coupling while boy peeks.
Silver cup, 30 BCE - 20 CE.
Found in Asia Minor. Originally in the collection of E.P. Warren. British Museum, London.

The Warren Cup (2)

Man and youth making love
Glass cameo fragment, flask, 30 BCE – 30 CE.

Hercules and Iolaus

In the brothel

Dodona helmet

Efesos Priapos

Zeus and Ganymes

Cake seller

Paestum frescoes

Etruscan fresco


Sleeping satyr

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